ED Ultrasound Course 2013 – The bar has been raised!

30 Jul

This years iteration of the ED POCUS – Introductory Course was a smashing success.

We were pleased to see an extended range of trainees this year, including incoming residents and faculty from the Departments of Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. Paired with over 15 faculty and resident bedside trainers, the instructor to student ratio was ideal and hands on probe time optimized.

Feedback from residents and consultants alike was overwhelmingly positive, making specific mention of the great teaching ratios, time dedicated to scanning and the quality of the educational materials.

Specific thanks and congratulations are extended to our Course Directors (Dr. Laura Foxcroft and Dr. Ram Reddy) who have helmed another successful iteration of this home grown course. Both will be passing the baton of course leadership to the next generation of POCUS leaders in 2014, and they have left us in great shape as we begin early planning for next year. On behalf of the POCUS program,  would like to specifically thank both of you for your endless hours of preparation and dogged attention to details that have blossomed this course into a true success.

CSTAR_ Ed- Session-23

CSTAR_ Ed- Session-14

CSTAR_ Ed- Session-15

CSTAR_ Ed- Session-16

CSTAR_ Ed- Session-11

CSTAR_ Ed- Session-17

CSTAR_ Ed- Session-04

CSTAR_ Ed- Session-07

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