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Case of the Week: July 23, 2018

Hi POCUS pros, Congrats to Les Bleus on a sweet World Cup win and on the soccer world for teaching us how to feign catastrophic illness severity (some of those collisions looked like they had an Injury Severity Score of at least 76). But enough of that, let's get your week kicked off right with a healthy dose of cool POCUS cases from the [...]

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Case of the Week: July 18, 2018

Hi all, Happy Monday all. The best day of the week because it's time for COTW! This week's cases come from none other than the Donald (aka the POCUS POTUS) who was late for his meeting with the Queen acquiring these great scans. So blow past them old ladies to get a front row seat, it's POCUS time! The Case Our COTW features a tough [...]

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