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Case of the Week: February 14, 2020

This is a 58yo F with ESRD with a history of known infective endocarditis of her AV for which she had previously completed a prolonged course of IV antibiotics. She was admitted to the ICU for worsening dyspnea. The POCUS team performed cardiac exam with some of the most striking clips shown below. What do you think? What complication of her endocarditis is shown and how would you grade its severity?

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Case of the Week: February 6, 2020

This was a case of an 80 yo M, previously healthy, with no known significant previous medical history. He presented to the ED with acute decreased level of consciousness. The leading concern was acute spontaneous ICH. He was intubated and taken for a CT Head which surprisingly was completely normal. He was subsequently transferred to the ICU with the diagnosis of altered LOC NYD. A POCUS study was performed, and several cardiac clips are shown below. What do you think? Does this give a potential clue to what could be going on?

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