Last week, the medical student led Point-of-care Ultrasound Interest Group welcomed Drs. Robert Arntfield, Director of Critical Care Ultrasound and Co-Director of ED Ultrasound at Western, Drew Thompson, Co-Director of ED Ultrasound at Western, and Michael Woo, Director of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound at the University of Ottawa, for a live-recorded online event to discuss the future of ultrasound in medical education in Canada. Questions were submitted by medical student members of the interest group both prior to and during the live broadcast.


Student-submitted questions included:

1. Why are you so passionate about point-of-care ultrasound?

2. What is the difference between point-of-care ultrasound and diagnostic ultrasound?

3. Are there any applications for point-of-care ultrasound outside of the ER, OR or ICU setting?

4. Do you think it should be mandatory for physicians who use point-of-care ultrasound to have some sort of certification?

5. In your experience with other trainees, what do you think the learning curve would be like for medical students who are getting exposure to point-of-care ultrasound?

6. What barriers do you predict in trying to implement point-of-care ultrasound into medical education?

7. What initiatives are currently under way to bring point-of-care ultrasound in to undergraduate curricula in Canada?

8. Where in medical education is teaching about point-of-care ultrasound most likely to be adopted?

We hope you enjoy the discussion!