Critical Care Ultrasound Fellowship: Dr. Vincent Lau

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Critical Care Western and the Critical Care Ultrasound Program are extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Vincent Lau, FRCPC (internal medicine and critical care) is the new critical care ultrasound fellow!

Dr. Lau will embark on a 6 month fellowship here at Western designed to position him as a national leader in the performance and oversight of critical care ultrasound. In particular, Dr. Lau will focus on:

-advanced scanning techniques (including advanced cardiac, TEE and TCD scanning)
-creation of educational content for this website and social media
-contributing to book chapters and ongoing POCUS research
-co-directing the annual Resuscitative Ultrasound Course
-supervising the critical care ultrasound “POCUS” rotation
-conducting quality assurance on the daily scans carried out in both the citywide ICU’s

We are delighted to have Dr. Lau in the program.

About the Critical Care Ultrasound Fellowship:

The only fellowship of its kind, the CCUS fellowship is designed to support the development of critical care physicians in to leaders in the emerging sub-specialty of critical care ultrasound. Scanning techniques, scholarly activity (research, educational content development and book chapters) as well as program management (quality assurance, administration and curriculum design) are the prevailing themes of the fellowship. For a full description of the fellowship, see this document.

If you are interested in the fellowship please contact Dr. Robert Arntfield for more details.

Critical Care Echocardiography Pre-Test

A pre-knowledge assessment for critical care echocardiography is below. Please take this assessment prior to your Critical Care Ultrasound Rotation and the Annual CCUS course.

Click Here for the test

Critical Care Ultrasound Elective Rotation

A one month elective opportunity in critical care ultrasound is available for select trainees at Western University/LHSC under the supervision of Dr. Robert Arntfield.

The purpose of this rotation is to familiarize the learner with the applications and indications for critical care ultrasound while also participating in the daily care of the critically ill patients at LHSC’s Critical Care Trauma Centre (CCTC).

A combination of online and offline supervised scanning, e-learning and portfolio development will enable the motivated participant to achieve foundational skills in this explosive field of medicine.

Based on the framework described in the internationally endorsed consensus on critical care ultrasound content and competence, this rotation will focus on:

-Basic critical care echocardiography
-Pleural and lung ultrasonography
-Basic abdominal sonography
-Vascular sonography for procedural guidance

Interested residents at LHSC may contact Rob Arntfield (through his assistant here) for further information. Both local trainees and those from other centres in Canada may participate in this novel elective rotation.

The objectives of this rotation are here for your browsing.