CCUS Course 2012!

26 Aug

The 2012 Critical Care Ultrasound Course at Western University was a resounding success.

The 3rd annual CCUS course was held specifically to train the trainees of the premiere Critical Care Western training program in the fundamentals of point of care ultrasound for critically ill patients.  The course took place at the first rate CSTAR facility at University Hospital.

Featuring a 2 participants to 1 machine/model scanning ratio and didactic sessions covering lung, pleura, vascular and cardiac ultrasound, the 2 day course was a great success.

In addition to the critical care trainees, the course was attended by some critical care faculty as well as faculty and residents from emergency medicine, anesthesia and nephrology.  In all, nearly 50 participants took part in the course.

The 2013 course will take place at a similar time again next year and will bring with it some exciting enhancements that are already being planned…stay tuned.

For a digital copy of the Critical Care Western Point of Care Ultrasound reference card that was distributed at the course- click here.

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