It is commonly asked how to get home access to Qpath.  Here’s how:

1.  You must first have home access to the LHSC “VPN” via Juniper. (If you don’t have this, it is not hard to get but you must first login to from a WORK computer and go through the setup.)

2.  Access the start page where you should be greeted by the login box after agreeing to LHSC’s terms

3.  Login

4.  From the Juniper “dashboard” click on the NNC folder.

5.  Then choose “IE_Qpath”

6.  A Citrix popup window will then open (make sure you grant permission to popups on your browser if asked).  Click on this Citrix window as it instructs you to:

7.  After at least 1 full minute, you should be greeted by the qpath login screen and the rest should be familiar to you.  If just learning to use Qpath, check out the basics and beyond the basics tutorials.