Role of POCUS DVT studies in different specialties, humbling moment in POCUS, renal TEE!

We have another great episode for you guys! Today we discuss the role of DVT studies in different medical specialties. We then move on to discuss a humbling moment in point-of-care echocardiography which highlights the different roles of POCUS on the one hand and comprehensive cardiac echocardiography on the other. Finally, we have an innovative surprise for you, an unusual assessment of the kidney with point-of-care TEE!

Tune in to listen to the discussion between Dr Robert Arntfield, Dr Jason Lam, Dr Melanie Lemay, Dr Mathilde Gaudreau-Simard and for his last appearance on the show our outgoing CCUS fellow, Dr. Thamer Alaifan

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Clip 1: WesternSono Screencast on conducting a DVT study

Clip 3: Innovation in POCUS; renal assessment through TEE