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CCUS 2014 Course: This Week!

In a few short days, CCUS 2014 will be underway at University Hospital and CSTAR, boasting: -the biggest course of its kind in Canada -top names in the field as faculty -2:1 participant to faculty ratio -flipped classroom format permitting 10hrs over 2 days of practical instruction -60 participants from multiple disciplines (CCM, IM, EM, anesthesia, cardiac surgery) Faculty: Course Director: Rob Arntfield Be sure [...]

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CAEP Lecture – Ultrasound for Sepsis in the ED

Watch Rob Arntfield's lecture on how and why ultrasound for use in Sepsis is as essential in 2014 as it has ever been.  In the wake of the PROCESS trial, protocols are de-emphasized and smart, good resuscitation is the name of the game.   [youtube]  

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2014 Critical Care Ultrasound Course – Open for Registration

The 5th annual Western University Critical Care Ultrasound Course is now open for registration! The 2 day course, directed by Dr. Rob Arntfield, is being held on August 21st and Aug 22nd, 2014 at University Hospital in London, Ontario and is the biggest, most comprehensive course of its kind offered in Canada.  It is ideal for any clinician involved in resuscitation, such as intensivists, emergency [...]

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Ultrasound Recap Jan 2014

We hold our monthly ultrasound rounds ("UltraRounds") on the last Monday of each block where we review interesting cases from the month.  As the timing and location does not work for all, I have attempted to do a brief recap of some of our discussion and interesting cases yesterday.  Enjoy and hope to see you at the next session on March 10, 2014. [wpvideo w2JptpyL]

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Critical Care Ultrasound Pocketcard

This pocketcard is handed out at our very popular annual critical care ultrasound course held each August.  It features quick bullet points guiding you in the use of various cardiac, thoracic and vascular ultrasound applications. If you wish to use non-digitally, I suggest you print double sided on to medium card stock and laminate. Enjoy. Pocketcard 2.0

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Advanced Critical Care Echo Handbook

So you're feeling comfortable with assessing LV function, RV function, the pericardium, the IVC and some basic valve stuff.  What next?  What should you focus on to take your critical care echo game to the next level? For some inspiration, check out this handbook  that Dr. Mark Tutschka (PGY5 - Critical Care) has put together.  It is a nice, succinct guide to some of the advanced applications [...]

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TEE in the Emergency Department

The transesophageal approach echocardiography has numerous advantages for those providing resuscitation to the critically ill, including those with cardiac arrest.  While the transthoracic approach is often quite useful, quality images in ventilated patients are more challenging.  Thus, the reliable, high quality image acquisition of TEE is very attractive for the resus room.  It is, however, the continuous nature of TEE - due to the probe [...]

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Lung Ultrasound – Interpreting the lung and pleural “signatures”

In follow up to the tutorial on lung ultrasound image acquisition, this tutorial reviews the essential "signatures" of lung and pleural ultrasound that guide image interpretation. Go ahead - take 20 minutes and unlock the power of lung ultrasound through this review of the 5 essential findings: 1.  Lung sliding (along with lung pulse, lung point) 2.  A lines 3.  B lines 4.  Consolidation 5. [...]

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Before and After

One of the distinct advantages of point of care ultrasound is the ease of repeatability.  This, along with the value of $1000 in tPA in reducing somebody's intermediate term likelihood of developing thromboembolic disease associated pulmonary hypertension, is well captured here. [wpvideo N1nSWgHK]   This patient had a submassive PE - right heart strain in the absence of shock.  Literature would suggest the benefit of [...]

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Critical Care Ultrasound Course 2013 a Great Success

The 2013 Critical Care Ultrasound course was a tremendous success.  This 2 day course that took place over Aug 22-23 at CSTAR at University Hospital was regarded as the most successful course to date.  The sold out course lead 36 participants through lung and pleural ultrasound, vascular access and a full day of critical care echocardiography.  The course benefited from a deep roster of extremely [...]

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