POC Echo in PE

An international panel discussion. See below for a 45 minute panel discussion (hosted by Matt and Mike from Ultrasound Podcast) on the topic of POC ultrasound in the assessment and management of PE.  Was conducted and recorded using Google Hangout. Panel members include luminaries of the field including: Scott Weingart, Matt Dawson, Mike Mallin, Cliff Reid, Mike Stone As well, Western Sono’s own Rob Arntfield was [...]

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Critical Care US for the EP

See below for the talk entitled "Critical Care Ultrasound for the Emergency Physician" where Dr. Rob Arntfield, in speaking to the ultrasound track at CAEP 2012 in Niagara Falls, speaks about the frequently referenced field of "critical care ultrasound" and how it differs and is similar to emergency point of care ultrasound.  Areas of growth for critical patients in the ED are reviewed, including lung [...]

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CCUS Course 2012!

The 2012 Critical Care Ultrasound Course at Western University was a resounding success. The 3rd annual CCUS course was held specifically to train the trainees of the premiere Critical Care Western training program in the fundamentals of point of care ultrasound for critically ill patients.  The course took place at the first rate CSTAR facility at University Hospital. Featuring a 2 participants to 1 machine/model [...]

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Critical Care Ultrasound Elective Rotation

A one month elective opportunity in critical care ultrasound is available for select trainees at Western University/LHSC under the supervision of Dr. Robert Arntfield. The purpose of this rotation is to familiarize the learner with the applications and indications for critical care ultrasound while also participating in the daily care of the critically ill patients at LHSC's Critical Care Trauma Centre (CCTC). A combination of [...]

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ED Ultrasound Course

The Division of Emergency Medicine is please to now be providing an annual course in fundamentals of ED point of care ultrasound.  This course will emphasize the "classic 4" views and 5 indications of point of care ultrasound in the ED and is aimed at practitioners who are beginning their pathway to competence in point of care ultrasound. The "Classic 4" are: -Abdominal assessment for [...]

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