For the most recent academic session for the Critical Care Western fellows, the topic was critical care ultrasound (CCUS).  This opportunity was intended to provide overview of interesting recent cases from within our own program’s tickle trunk of great studies.

This session was carried out over Google Hangout.  This was partly inspired by this recent international panel discussion and partly because we need to look at novel ways to provide ultrasound education and access to case review.  The demand for such education far outstrips its supply so if successful, this ability to stream (anonymized) ultrasound studies would hold promise for future events.

Further, the concept of bringing in outside experts to our own academic days without the cost of travel, hotel, caviar, etc. was on the line as we brought in CCUS expert Dr. Scott Millington from Ottawa to add his 2 cents to some of our discussion.

Did it work?

See for yourself (maximize screen size to see all the details)

[wpvideo 2kCLHtDl]