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Ultrasound Podcast Episode 5

Tamponade, IVC vs. Aorta, and UFO! In this episode, we discuss a rule out test for cardiac tamponade using IVC distensibility, compare the IVC to the aorta, and discuss a strange new finding that we named the Lava Lamp sign! Tune in to listen to the discussion between Dr Robert Arntfield, Dr Marc-André Blier, Dr Bader Alshehry, and Dr Mathilde Gaudreau-Simard. For [...]

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Ultrasound Podcast Episode 4

Role of POCUS DVT studies in different specialties, humbling moment in POCUS, renal TEE! We have another great episode for you guys! Today we discuss the role of DVT studies in different medical specialties. We then move on to discuss a humbling moment in point-of-care echocardiography which highlights the different roles of POCUS on the one hand and comprehensive cardiac echocardiography on [...]

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Ultrasound Podcast Episode 3

Role of Point of care TEE for prosthetic valves, pleural effusion or ascites and the pulsatility index in transcranial doppler In this episode, we start by taking you through our take on the role of point of care TEE for prosthetic valves. We then discuss a case where looking beyond the pleura was important in identifying large volume ascites causing restriction of [...]

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Ultrasound Podcast Episode 2

Surprising finding in the liver, atelectasis vs pneumonia, and introducing left atrial pressure! In this episode, we start by discussing the incidental finding of hyperechoic spots in the liver, which we conclude to represent air in the portal system in this patient in septic shock. Then, we move on to the lung with the age old debate of atelectasis vs pneumonia. Finally, we touch [...]

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Ultrasound Podcast Episode 1

Welcome to WesternSono's newest project, the Ultrasound Podcast! Join us in our conversations around interesting cases and emerging topics in point of care ultrasound. To all those point of care ultrasound enthusiasts out there, tune in and pick up a few pearls! The diaphragm, lung sliding and that stenotic mitral valve! Our first episode takes you through the importance of the [...]

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