Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Fellowship

  The Division of Emergency Medicine at Western University is proud to offer a 1-year emergency ultrasound fellowship program. Our focus is on training future leaders in point of care ultrasound by developing advanced POCUS scanning skills combined with ultrasound teaching, research an administration. Graduates of this program will be equipped to function as directors in both academic and community ERs. Highlights include: Multi-disciplinary collaboration with Critical [...]

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2016 Canadian Resuscitative Ultrasound Course – A Resounding Success

With 72 learners, 25 faculty and 2.5 days of high intensity, resuscitative ultrasound training, the 2016 CRUS course outdid itself even this year.  In addition to the usual features of the course like a flipped classroom curriculum (eliminating lectures altogether), 5 hours a day of practical training and a 2:1 learner to trainer bedside ratio, this course offered a new general simulation station (ultrasound integrated, [...]

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Point of Care TEE Arrives in our ICU’s

The point of care, critical care ultrasound (CCUS) program at Western University has become enabled with transesophageal echo (TEE) capability.  The arrival of new TEE transducers that function on the bedside, point of care machines in all our ICU’s will allow for expanded capabilities in properly trained hands.  With several Critical Care Western program faculty (as well as some fellows) being trained in TEE use, [...]

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