Advanced Critical Care Ultrasound Quantitative Assessment Resource

Our previous Critical Care Ultrasound Fellow, Marko Balan MD FRCPC, who is now an intensivist at Dartmouth General Hospital has put together a comprehensive, point-of-care resource containing a wealth of advanced critical care ultrasound material. You will find in it extensive coverage of quantitative techniques that can be used for the assessment of the critically ill. Topics include: hemodynamic assessment, diastology, valvular assessment, pericardial assessment, [...]

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TEE Image Acquisition Tutorial

Rob Arntfield, MD, FRCPC and Atul Jaidka, MD, PGY2 takes us through the fundamentals of performing a transesophageal echocardiography (TEE). This video uses a live demonstration to introduce probe manipulation, how to obtain different views, and how to landmark for these different views. The techniques being presented will help you in performing goal-directed TEE in critically ill patients, whether it be for visualizing valvular [...]

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LV Function – anywhere, anytime, anyplace

The point of care ultrasound revolution has brought a renaissance to providers of resuscitative care:  No longer is determination of shock something that requires invasive monitoring (e.g. Swan Ganz) or an ICU admission.  Instead, with good image acquisition and image interpretation skills, point of care echo can answer this question anywhere in the hospital - the ED, the ward, the ICU and, the CT scanner [...]

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