Advanced Critical Care Ultrasound Quantitative Assessment Resource

Our previous Critical Care Ultrasound Fellow, Marko Balan MD FRCPC, who is now an intensivist at Dartmouth General Hospital has put together a comprehensive, point-of-care resource containing a wealth of advanced critical care ultrasound material. You will find in it extensive coverage of quantitative techniques that can be used for the assessment of the critically ill. Topics include: hemodynamic assessment, diastology, valvular assessment, pericardial assessment, [...]

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Best Poster at Research Day: A-LURT’ing the People on Ultrasound

The Day Last Friday I had the amazing opportunity to present our work at the Department of Medicine Resident Research Day (take a deep breath before saying this one out loud): Acquisition and Retention of Lung Ultrasound Skills by Respiratory Therapists: a point-of-care ultrasound curriculum for respiratory therapists (and breathe). Although complimentary meals are usually enough to get hungry medical students out to [...]

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POCUS Staff Sessions : Thoracic Module

We are excited to have our inaugural ED staff training module in Thoracic POCUS off to a great start! Over a dozen of our ED faculty have already participated in our mini hands on and image interpretation sessions, with more sessions to come. Armed with their new skills in lung sonography, our ED faculty trainees are now off scanning thoraces with online feedback and guidance [...]

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Lung Ultrasound – Interpreting the lung and pleural “signatures”

In follow up to the tutorial on lung ultrasound image acquisition, this tutorial reviews the essential "signatures" of lung and pleural ultrasound that guide image interpretation. Go ahead - take 20 minutes and unlock the power of lung ultrasound through this review of the 5 essential findings: 1.  Lung sliding (along with lung pulse, lung point) 2.  A lines 3.  B lines 4.  Consolidation 5. [...]

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