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Case of the Week: August 19, 2019

This is a 35 yo M PWID who presented with a right septic AC joint, MRSA bacteremia and hypoxic respiratory failure. He was taken to the OR for washout of his AC joint and subsequently transferred to the ICU for post-op management. A post-operative CXR showed some patchy consolidations but no obvious pleural effusions. The POCUS team was subsequently deployed. Interrogation at the costophrenic angle and PLAPS (posteroalveolar and/or pleural syndrome) point on both sides yielded the following images. What do you see and what should the next steps in management be?

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Case of the Week: April 29, 2019

A 30-year-old female, presents to the emergency department with acute lower abdominal pain. She is 9 weeks pregnant by dates and has had no formal ultrasound prior to presentation. Her initial vitals are; HR 102, BP 116/70, RR 24, T 36.2 and SpO2 98% on RA. A bedside ultrasound is completed and demonstrates:

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Case of the Week: January 28, 2019

Hi POCUS enthusiasts, We set a new record with >65 participants in last week's case voting. Unfortunately this will be our last COTW/COTG until we are back in action in early April. For all those who haven't signed up for automatic distribution do it now by going to westernsono.ca and filling in your name and email address. This will be the last email reminder! Now let's jump into [...]

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Case of the Week: January 21, 2019

Hi POCUS enthusiasts,Thanks again to the more than 20 participants in the online voting for last week's case! For those who have yet to sign up, just go to westernsono.ca and insert your name and email into the text box on the right side of the webpage. Then get ready to flex your POCUS muscles and post your answers/votes. Or click here to access the case directly: https://westernsono.ca/category/cases/ The [...]

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Case of the Week: January 14th, 2018

A 42 year old female is admitted with ARDS and a pleural POCUS is performed. Due to difficulties identifying lung sliding, M-mode was used to evaluate for pneumothorax. Based on this image, does the patient has a pneumothorax? What is the 2D ultrasound image correlate of the vertical areas as shown by the arrows?

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Case of the Week: January 7th, 2019

A middle aged man presented to the Emergency Department 5 days after a ERCP and stent insertion for obstructive jaundice feeling unwell, feverish, and lightheaded. He rapidly deteriorated with hypotension and was admitted to the ICU with sepsis NYD. What (if anything) is concerning on this patient's RUQ/biliary POCUS? What management steps would you recommend based on these images?

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Case of the Week: December 19, 2018

Hi POCUS enthusiasts,A holiday miracle has happened (albeit a couple days late)! Kudos to Katie Wiskar for her awesome educational cases and those captivating "Eye Scandy" clips that kept us mesmerized! We can't wait to have her back. To quickly introduce myself, I'm Marko Balan and sixth-year critical care resident at Dalhousie who will be spending some time with the Western POCUS team this year. I [...]

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